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Friday, December 19, 2008

And it snowed again today!

Wow, when they said," Lots of snow this year" they were not kidding! If it's not sub-zero, it's blizzard like conditions. Another 8" today, with blowing and drifting tonight. You have to love Wisconsin. NOT! If it were not for the beautiful changing of the seasons, and the awesome photo opportunities that comes with this, i would seriously have to re-think my location in life. Lol, but i say this every year. Anyway with Christmas upon us, please take advantage of all the photos you will be taking. And watch the blog here for some fun and inspirational challenges, that come with prizes and such... More later ladies. Have a great day...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It stopped snowing....

Hello Ladies, Well it finally quit snowing, in less than 12 hours we got around 9-10 inches. So what oh what does one do on a snow day?? I know...Scrap,stamp,craft, build a snowman and drink cocoa all while the men folk are doing the snow removal..poor babies... So here a pics of my back yard. Keep warm ladies....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to... SHERLENE :O)

I am so happy that you found us, as i am just getting this up and running, i vow to make this a great place to visit, get free tips and tricks, and even just plain ol freebies... So tell your friends, come one and all..For everyone who subscribes to this blog i will send a tear bear pattern to them, so you too can make thewse adorable little creatures this offer is good untill DEC 15th. Then it will be time time for another freebie.. So join the mailing list, and leave me some comments so that i know who is here, and who gets the goodies...Have a great day ladies, and don't shovel it all in a day. Later crafters
Hello Ladies,
Wow....It's been awhile since i was last able to post. Life does get crazy some days, and i seem to have had the handle on that lately. Anyway, i am going to be setup at the Manitowoc Expo on Saturday, Dec 13. SO come on out, and see whats new and happening in the world of scrappin, or in my world. Today is going to be a catch up day, as we have about 8-10" of snow that fell through the night, with that much more coming yet today, so its gonna be a coffee, cocoa kinda day. I have been working on a few cards and other surprises for thew holidays, so check later and i will get them posted. Not working today for some reason. Anyway, if you live in my area, stay warm, send someone else to do the shoveling, and play with your scrapping goodies today. More later