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Monday, September 28, 2009

Oct 3rd is

National card making day....It is almost here. Saturday Oct 3rd is the day..What is National Card Making Day you ask??? Well
  • Celebrate the creativity of handmade cards and the personal connection that they create between friends and family
  • Kick off (and get a head start on) the holiday card-making season
The card-making community worldwide, including hobbyists, beginning card makers, manufacturers of card-making products, retail sellers of products, educators, and press are invited to come together to celebrate this holiday and creative passion.
It is a day to connect with fellow card makers both near and far, to applaud the creativity that powers the craft, and to provide an opportunity for card makers to connect and find resources that will empower, inspire, and encourage them in their card making.
 So I am busy working on putting together a possible crop/card making day and a place to donate the completed cards to. You can join us on line or in person at the event.More details to come
The history of card making

The origin of exchanging handmade greeting cards can be traced all the way back to ancient Chinese culture.
  • Today, card making is a worldwide hobby, especially popular in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • 1 in 6 U.S. households participates making cards
  • 86% of scrapbookers also create handmade cards
  • 92% of paper crafters create cards more than any other type of project
  • The top occasions/themes for making cards are
    • Birthdays
    • winter holidays (Christmas, New Year’s, etc.)
    • thank you
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Mother’s Day
  • Card makers prefer stamps and rub-ons for use on their holiday handmade cards
  • 73% of card makers use their computer in part or all of their design

World Card Making Day began in 2006 as National Card Making Day. Founded by Paper Crafts magazine to bring card makers together at the beginning of the busiest card-making season of the year, it was first held on October 7, 2006. The initial celebration involved the Paper Crafts magazine audience only; however, due to the positive response it received and the worldwide popularity of card making, the holiday became known as World Card Making Day from then on.

Now in its fourth year, World Card Making Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in October. It's a day for the card-making community -- hobbyists, retailers, and manufacturers -- to unite and celebrate the connection and creativity that is the heart of card making.

Friday, September 25, 2009

LoVe Blog candy

Get your blog candy here Peachykeen stamps is having an awesome giveaway. I have been a fan of these stamps for a very long time, and use them quite frequently, and will not be happy until I have them all! But then again I have that problem with all paper craft items I see. I see, I want, I need! lol...SO go check out the website and sign up for the blog candy. I know you will love these stamps as much as I do!!!!
If this is not enough for you, check out Prima's candy giveaway

Saturdays market

Hello crafty ones......I hope you have had a great week. I have been so very busy preparing for the other craft fairs, and filling orders I feel like I have neglecting all of you. SO I apologize for that. AO many things, so little time...But hey we all have this same problem. As far as Saturday's market goes, unless it is raining sideways, thunder and lightning, and high winds I will be home, if it's just a bit misty out and light rain, I will be there for all of you. I have something special for all of you to came pick up for next weeks challenge, so stop on by and get your freebie. Also I am looking for a place to hold a crop. Just a place for us all to get together and play for the day. So stay tuned for details on that. Am also organizing a craft sale, which all of you are invited to to join in on, and possibly sell some of your unused, un-loved products, so watch for details on that as well. I am off to create something for you all, so check back again, and have a craft happy day..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Most amazing people....

Hello crafty ones, I have recently been made aware of a few internet do's and do not's....And learned some very vaulable information and internet etiquette, for which I am thankful. During this time I was able to meet and talk to an amazing person/artist/author. As you all know my heart lies Altered Arts, and I seem to forever be pushing it. The reason being that it is truly an amazing and unique art. And my newest friend, David and his wife Maria from Altered has so kindly shared with me a few things that I found amazing. I am only going to give you the beginning of the story, and to find out the rest you will have to visit their site. SO here's how this amazing story unfolds....

The practice of altering existing works of art goes all the way back to the Middle Ages, when the monks would conserve their precious stocks of parchment by reusing old manuscripts, often incompletely obscuring what was there before.
A few centuries later we often find well-known artists like Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) painting over their earlier and less important works, again sometimes leaving portions of the original image still visible.
With the Victorian era came a passion for making scrapbooks, into which were pasted newspaper and magazine cuttings, calling cards, greetings cards and other ephemera, but it wasn't until the early years of the twentieth century that the form of creative expression that we now know as altered art really began to develop…(to continue reading click  -->)  
This is an amazing story that everyone should read.
In life we all have our obstacles to overcome, and my way of dealing with things is to create something. Art in my opinion is, "The Journey Within"  I consider myself a very lucky person, I have wonderful Son's, I get to work with paper crafts all day and make a living at it. I have wonderful friends, I always try to do the right thing, be a good person, and follow my heart. I do not consider my handicap a handicap at all, but an obstacle to overcome, which I feel I have done because until now none of you have ever known that about me. I have meet a lot of people in my life, some nice, some not so nice, some truly amazing and gifted, and some just plain old crabby and hateful. Which I never want to be that way. So you ask what is the point of all this? Well the point is always embrace every expirence good or bad with an open heart, open mind, never be so quick to judge someone, and if you learn something new everyday, and can make just 1 person smile, your day was worth while. So with my new found knowledge, and friends of David and Maria, I have decided to add a new item and project to do as a group. SO provided we do not get rained on Wednesday I will be at the market with a special box for each of you, if you can not make it Wednesday stop on Saturday morning, you will not want to miss out on this project! And when you all have time stop by David and Maria and say hi, and don't forget to tell them Ronnie sent you. I have rambled on long enough, so get back to your paper and glue sticks, and get geared up for this amazing project! A happy day to you all, and remember to smile.
Hugs to you all,

Monday, September 21, 2009

This weeks challenge

Hello crafty ones, glad you stopped by for  your challenge...SO this week Shelly and I are going to have a 2 part challenge. My half will be a color challenge. Shelly's will be a technique challenge, and you can make 1 project for the 2 challenges if you can incorporate them into 1 product. SO the colors I choose for this weeks challenge is orange, brown and a splash of yellow.AND be embellished at least 2 times..You can stamp a project, scrap a project or make a 3-D project...And check shelly's blog for the part 2 of the challenge. Remember to have fun with it, and step outside the box and your comfort zone.See ya soon..Have a greaft happy day

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Awesome Ethnic fest!!!!

For those of you who attended the Ethnic Fest I know you had a great time, for those who did not get there, you missed a great time...But do not worry, Apple Fest is coming soon, and so is Pumpkin Fest in Mishict!! I will be at both, as will Ms Shelly...We have a few more crafters to join us that I was lucky enough to talk to and meet. So a big welcome to the following ladies....Marlene G,Jacky B, Lois, Paula, Kelli, Maryann, Ralee, Terri, Sue K, Mary C, Chris L and Peggy D. I know you ladies will help make them feel welcome. So welcome one and all. Feel free to look around, and see what we have to offer. I am confident you will love it here. Don't forget to visit Shelly's blog, Tina's blog, and Sylvia's blog...These are some amazingly talented paper artists.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Saturday's Market

Hello crafty ones....Well it is here the long awaited Ethnic Fest.!!! I will be there with some awesone deals on Sizzix, tear bear kits, flourish kits and a lot of different page kits.....I will be in my normal spot waiting for you all to come by and grab your deals...See ya on Saturday

Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Monday to you all

Hope you all had a great weekend. It was a very busy weekend for me as usual. And am gearing up for Ethnic Fest this coming Saturday. Anyway this weeks challenge is going to be fairly easy challenge....
So here ya go, make a card a post card, an ATC, or a piece of mailart. Incorporate lace, or ribbon and some sort of fastener, a brad a eyelet or photo anchor to name a few...And use at least 2 coordinating colors...Once finished either bring them to me at the market on wednesday or saturday or email me a pic of them. SO come on girls dust off those supplies and lets get crafting....Also be sur to check Shelly's blog for an extra added challenge, the prizes are great and worth doing the challenge....See ys soon..

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Ms Kitty......The sweetest horse that ever lived.

All of you have heard about my horse, and you all hear how sweet she is, and what a big heart she has, well it's NO lie...She is my life line, I would be lost without her. So I recently took some pics of her, and her friends who belong to my friend Sandy Shambeau. The 4 girls all live together eating, playing, and lounging, just waiting for someone to stop by and give them a hug and smooch...So I thought I would share pics of them with you all. First up is My Ms Kitty, she is a paint horse, with a big heart, and loving eyes....
Ms Kitty is a large horse, and acts likes shes an adorable lap dog...She always snoops through peoples pockets, purses, and bags in hopes of scoring a peppermint snap.She also loves chocolate muffins, ice cream bars, and fresh glazed donuts. Kitty loves to be pampered, and dolled up. She hates to be dirty, and hates to sweat, she prefers, a rub down and lots of TLC...She is my life line and inspiration in life....

These are Ms Kitty's friends....This is Mouse....Mouse has the biggest heart in the world, there is not anything this little mare would not do, she loves to please her momma, and always provides a safe ride for her. Sandy found this little mare on the side of the road, and it's been love at first site. Next up is Velvette....
Velvette and Sandy have been together for about 30 years now, They competed in the Womens Professional Rodeo for many years. They have piles up a ton of miles, rodeos, wins, and long hours traveling..Velvette, or Grandma as we lovingly call her is retired and does nothing but loungs and enjoy her time off, and gets lots of TLC.....Next up is Sandy's newest horse......
Meet Cowgirl....What can I say about Cowgirl, wow, if there's trouble shes always in on it, this gal's been through a lot in her short life, and loves her home, and all her friends. She also has a huge kind heart, and loves to just touch everyone with her lips. She has the most loving eyes, how can one not fall for this character. So there you have it, Ms Kitty, Mouse, Grandma, and Cowgirl. They are a bunch of heart stoppers. And are one of the things that makes every day a great day....Have a wonderful day ladies....

Ok, so the Haunted House is here

SOme of you remember I was asked to decorate haunted houses for Ms Tina's blog contest. Well I finished 2 of them...Tina loved them and that makes me so very happy!!!!Here's a peek....
.These were so much fun to make.........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer's over, and it's back to business...

Well I hope you all had a great Holiday weekend. Mine was great, went to and competed in 2 Rodeo's.....Did well....Not well enough to retire. or even think about it...SO it's crafting time again....All's good thou, I have always looked at crafting as an outlet, a creative outlet, for life's many obstacles. So back to creating I go. So for all you crafty chicks out there who week after week come visit and do the challenges, and bring the code words, you are awesome! Your projects are beautiful! SO keep it up, for those of you who want to be a part of this it's not too late, this weeks code word for saturday is (gesso), which by the way is an awesome product to use! It's one of my fav's.It's a great base for many art forms.And the texture one can achieve with it is amazing.
So anywho.....don't forget to stop by for some awesome sizzix deals. Which Sizzix works in your cuttlebugs!
See ya soon
Hugs, Ronnie

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am so excited and honored

I rec'd an email yesterday from the brilliant Ms Tina, asking me to cut and decorate a Halloween file she created for a blog giveaway. I have the file and have been busily creating(trying to)create something that is worthy of her talents. It is such a cute file and the haunted house is brilliantly done and can not wait to share it with all of you and with Tina's blog and her dedicated followers..So keep an eye on Tina's blog for the giveaway and pics of her yet again awesome Robo work. She truly is a Genius!!! Thanks Tina
Hugs to all
Remember to follow Ms Tina's blog here

Wax resist and your C.Bug

All you cuttle bug lovers this is for you...This was taken from splitcoast stampers, as there tutorial was much better than mine. Can find it here

Wax Paper Cuttlebug Resist

by Godelieve Tijskens
Combine Cuttlebug embossing with wax paper resist to create beautiful backgrounds.


  • Cuttlebug™
  • Cuttlebug™ folder
  • Glossy cardstock (twice the size of Cuttlebug embossing folder)
  • Wax paper (size of Cuttlebug embossing folder)
  • Dye ink (I used the Fired Brick - Distress Ink from Ranger)
  • Make-up sponge
  • Iron
  • Paper towel or copy paper


  1. Step 1

    Emboss the wax paper in the Cuttlebug™ with an Embossing folder of your choice.
  2. Step 2

    Fold the glossy cardstock in half, and put the embossed wax paper inbetween.
  3. Step 3

    Cover the glossy cardstock with copy paper or paper towel, to avoid wax on the iron. Select “cotton” setting on the iron, no steam! Iron the cardstock.

    This will transfer the design from the wax paper on to the glossy cardstock.

  4. Step 4

    Remove and discard the wax paper. Begin sponging the Distress Ink on, using a circular motion. Apply enough ink to get an even color.

  5. Step 5

    Notice a positive and negative pattern, because both sides of the wax paper were used.

  6. Color looks less vibrant after a while.
  7. Step 6

    Finish your card.