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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back from Chicago!!

I have to say, I was a bit worried about going to Chicago, its a big place full of people and traffic, and things this old country girl just does not experience. I am a true country girl, always have been always will be, I love the smell of the fresh cut hay, the barnyard sounds and smell, and I love to look at all of Mother Nature's beautiful lakes, streams, mountain ranges, valleys full of wild flowers, and the smell of horses and leather, nuts? perhaps, but it's how I have lived my entire 50+ years it is what i love. Saddle up my best girl and go out riding, or load up and head to the nearest rodeo. The rodeo life is long, tiring, hard work and at the same time very rewarding. Just you and your horse making memories and having fun.
I have been to Milwaukee, new Orleans, baton rouge, phoenix, tucson, Indiannapolis, St Paul Mn, and a few other larger cities, but I have to say, CHICAGO you are spectacular!!
My son's booked a penthouse suite for 3 day, along with Garth brooks tickets, that alone was an incredible gesture, when the 3 of us opened the door to a penthouse(54 floors up) it literally took our breath away! I have never seen such an amazing view from way up on top. It was sensational! although I am a country girl, I was blown away by the miles of buildings and sky-scrappers, each one more beautiful than the next. I was so excited for evening to come and see the city at night. I definitely have a new appreciation for big city living. I would never give up my country life, but I can honestly say I would love to spend more time in Chicago. I took 664 photos in 3 days. At times I would just sit on the corners and watch that world move, and it moved in every direction at high speed, no lazy day afternoons sipping tea on the porch, it is a constant movement. The city is so rich in cultural arts, and theater, and my goodness so so many things to do. We did not have time to do or see everything, we did our best thou. A wide variety of food and entertainment, and people. I met more people from other countries than I did from the U.S....It seems even other countries are taken with Chicago's diversity and opportunity. After 2 days of eating and sight seeing, we were ready to watch Garth brooks in concert, see back in 1991, on his first tour he came to Milwaukee and I took my boys, they were then 7 and 15. Well this time around they took me, and did it in style, complete with limo ride to and from concert. It was an amazing concert, just as good as if not better than his first tour. He is an amazingly talented humble man, we loved every second. Thank you to my wonderful Son's for a week I will never ever forget! You are amazing young men and I am proud of you everyday of my life, and honored to call you mine! Thank you for a unforgettable vacation. With every beat of my heart I love you more!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Here we come Chicago and Garth

Getting packed and ready for a trip to Chicago to see Garth Brooks. We seen him back April 13, 1996 in Milwaukee, his first ever tour, we front and center and had a blast, tickets were about 10.00 each and his show was FANTASTIC!!!
I am sure he will not disappoint this go around either. This time instead of a seedy motel and the parking/driving issues we have rented a penthouse and a limo door to curb and back. I can't wait, me and my boys and a few friends will once again make the trip.
so there will be no market or craft show for me this weekend. Will post pics as I get them...
Have a great week all

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lots of changes on the way....

Hello my crafty friends, hope you have all enjoyed your Short summer. I have been busy with home remodeling and craft shows, and I cant wit to post pics of my new craft room my boys built for me as a gift. I have some organizing and arranging to do yet, so soon I will get them up. I can not wait to play in my new room!! Anyhow, things are also going to be changing here on the blog, and I am working on a forum for everyone and a phone app. Also classes are going to be starting up in the next month, so make sure you sign up for the classes you want, as they always fill up fast. How about a sneak peek of a new project I have been working on for everyone.
Can you tell its a Halloween project of some sort? Of course you can, so stay tuned....
Check back for details on all the changes coming your way, which will include a lot of freebies and give a ways. And as always it will relate to my beloved MTC(Make the Cut Program)..See ya soon, and get inky!

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