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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is here???

Well it has been a bit since i posted, can you say crazy busy. I do think spring is trying to take over here, not having much luck at it, but this is Two Rivers. THe craft markets will soon be upon us, and am very busy trying to keep up with all the items for that as well as my ebay store. I am also in the process of remodeling and opening my own scrap/stamp/craft store of my own here in town. It is an awful lot of work and planning, sometimes overwhelming to say the least...
I have met some really awesome people lately that will help make my store FANTASTIC, a Stampin Up dist, whose talents are amazing, Branda S and a stamp company who is just out of this world. Cow town stamps, these are 2 gals are amazing, and I look forward to them being involved with supplies, lessons, crafting tips and tricks, and just being around them...It is going to be a great place to play with crafts....Hope to see yuou all there real soon..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Winter has finally loosened it's grip on us and i am feeling great about Spring nipping on our heels. I have been working on many things, and am in the process of opening a shop. A lady recently asked me." What process takes place while making a paper project? I thought about and finally replied.......

""Art, comes in many forms. It reaches deep into your soul, and possibly beyond. The visions the soul see's, and what the hands and eye's interprets, and creates is a magical and mystical. One idea, and 10 people can create an infinite number of creative pieces of work. No one person being completely right, or is one completely wrong. That's what so great about Art. SO with that said, let your mind and creative spirit run free, and put no limitations on what your hands and eyes put forth, for every piece of work is a piece of yourself.

I am an avid crafter have been ever since i can remember. I love Mixed Media work, adore Collage pieces,Altered Arts is what i live for, and Scrap booking and Stamping well i guess it all sort of goes together. So let your self go and explore all the different mediums. You will not regret it. ""

SO on that note, ladies let your creative side go, and do not be afraid to mix many styles and mediums together, and you too will find your niche in this paper crafting world.