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X Factor's Jeffrey Adam Gutt

Here you will find a few things created using my Graphic Design skills.
 This man has an amazing voice.

The reason I am so drawn to his voice, is not only is it completely amazing, but to see him every week, and learn about the person he is has truly been a joy.
There are not many people in this world that the values, morals, or ethics as he does. This in my opinion is what a role model should be. His parents are truly remarkable people as one would have to be too raise a Son like this.

I am always designing things, as it is what I do. So here are some pieces I created, and have sent to his people.
I hope you enjoy the pieces, please realize I can not sell these, as that would be theft. And I would be in violation of Jeff's intellectual property. Perhaps one day real soon I will send these to his family as a gift
Win or loose, this man is going to go far in the music industry and It would be awesome to watch it happen and perhaps even contribute in a small way.
My product line includes cell phone decals, window decals, bumper stickers, and even my laptop has a Jeff Gutt decal.
Also included in this is a custom wings and charm necklace, a guitar necklace and bracelet, a guitar pick necklace and bracelet, key chains, pendants and charms. See below. I hope you enjoy them
October 1, 2013

 Nov 1, 2013

This earring and necklace is made using swarovski's..You choose colors....35 to choose from

This is made using Swarovski crystals and a crystal encrusted guitar///
This bracelet is made using Swarovski crystals and Dragon vein agate (real gem stones)
Here is matching necklace without the use of crystals.
As I continue adding pieces to this collection I will post them. Just realize I can not use the "JAG" logo, as that would be intellectual property infringement.
Its really to bad everyone did not abide by these rules. So all are available minus the JAG logo. You can substitute his logo for your's, or your initials. The Pick necklaces are also able to be engraved.
email orders with color choices
Sincerely, Ronnie.

 These are decals for your cell phones, car windows, bumpers, laptops, and smooth surface. It is cut from high quality vinyl, on my machines. You have over 100 colors of vinyl to choose from. And any size from 1" x 1" to 24" x 24"
Domino pendants for the younger fans.
Guitar pick key chain, also any color of vinyl..
The vinyl is a high grade indoor/outdoor, and once applied will not come off.
 These 2 photos of the bracelet/earrings/necklace and photo below of were gifts I sent to a friend.
                                                              No money exchanged hands!!!!!!

The logo is not mine, and I can not cut it and sell it, I can however customize it to fit your needs.
Intellectual property laws are a bit sketchy and are designed to protect the artisan,(even the dishonest ones) as we know there are those out there that do not play by these rules, and have tunnel vision, theft among artists is real and happens every day. The reason I am posting this is I was hoping to talk /speak with the marketers and come to an agreement, but it seems some would rather take the ideas and market as theirs, it is still theft, and so dishonest. People please be careful who you deal with not everyone is as honest as they claim to be. Not even the higher up marketing people.

I take a lot of time and care in the items I design and make. 
I have the machines and software not to mention the ability to do this and so much more.
Sadly none of these items will ever be anything more than gifts.
It is true the crooked get greedy and the breaks, but will never have the morals as you and I have.
Also please realize that certain items like a wing, or cross, a guitar pick, singly these all belong to someone. And all of these designs have been done to some extent for a very long time.

Here is a bit on intellectual property laws.

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