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Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Flower goodness.

Hello my Crafty friends. My Sisier in law lost her Mother recently, and so I decided to buy some dollar store frames, pull out my ViVa Decor products, my favorite rose cutting file from my MTC program and create a keepsake for each of the siblings.

I started by layering the frames by dry brushing/finger swiping the inka gold colors onto the frames. Using a  random pattern to make the frames look old and distressed. Once applied I used a soft cloth to go over the color bringing out a sheen. Then applied croco tecture to make some of the frames look like old wood, but only in random areas. I really tried to go for the old barn beam look on the kids frames, but kept Mom's looking new and clean.

On this frames I used the platinum stamp paint to dot the rose edges, giving a bit of extra added pop.
 On some I used the viva pearl pens to accent insides of flowers, corners of frames and making flourishes on the frames.
I do believe my new love is anything VIVA!!!!
Here are the products I used, you can find most at your local hobby lobby, in limited choices, and online in full availability, that is if you can get before they sell out. 

As for the flower and sprig patterns I used, they were created in inkscape and my Make the Cut program. Here is what the file looks like.
I have to look and see who actually created the file for the 3 petals.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello my crafty friends....55 more flowers

 First I apologize for being MIA this week, a week ago Sunday we had a death in the family, and on Tuesday 2 days later my Brother and his wife were side swiped by a Tornado and suffered major major damage to there home and property, and animals. We very very rarely ever have Tornado's, we do however have a lot of high winds and hail, but the change in this weather pattern the last few years we are more frequently getting this weather. And it is devastating. We are use to 5 feet of snow and 20 degrees below zero, not Tornado's so its been quite a lot to deal with. In all seriousness I would rather the snow storms. Any way the funeral went well and we are all still pitching in with the work on the property.
Here is a photo of the attached garage...The beautiful apple and pear orchards are gone, the garden and it seems where ever one looks there is more devastation. I seriously do not know how all of you who live is Tornado alley do it. You are strong determined individuals. A few animals lost, all people safe. Thank you Lord!

Secondly,Thank You, the response on my flower making was amazing! You all RoCk! So this went well and many of you have asked for part 2. But before I get into part 2, for those of you who have asked if I sell the completed flowers, yes. I know some of you do not have any die cutting machines available to you, and we do not want you to be left out of making flowers, so you can purchase the flowers from me in 2 ways, 1. just buy the cut pieces, meaning you get to have all the fun of making them. or 2. Purchase the completed pieces. And I get the fun of making them. Either way you will not be left out of the amazing world of flower making. I have been working a few new files and I have to say, I am very happy with them. SO a sneak peek I suppose would be appropriate....

So these are the 2 files I created with my beloved MTC. Very simple but the end results are beautiful. Also added a pic of what I used to embellish them. Check back in a few days to see the projects 55 of these flowers went on. And remember if you would like the cut pieces email me or leave a comment here. I will be back with a full tutorial and another sneak peek of yet more flowers along with the websites of some amazingly talented ladies who also have free files,

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to Flower Making 101

Hello Crafty Friends, now I know that there a a large amount of tutorials out there on hand rolling flowers and there are some amazing and some not so. Anyway, all of you have expressed at the shows and in emails and on Saturdays at the show. So I have decided to do several of these so that you ladies will have my secrets(not really a secret) to making these little beauties.I mean seriously who here does not love T!M Holtz? SO we will be working on 3 of hid flower designs?dies....

Gather white paper, patterned papers, textured papers, 1" hand punch, glue gun and what ever else you need for your project, , dew drops, buttons, stickers, lace etc.....And here are the dies we will working with

 These 2 dies are from the movers and shakers, a nice size in between the the larger on the bibz die and the small on the extended cuts strips. Being the hoarder and lover of all things T!M I had to have them all.. Know if you have these dies you chances are have the machine and cutting pads. If you do not have a machine, dont buy the dies without the machine, If you want like so many do, you can email me and purchase the pieces already cut for you.

 This is the extended cuts strip...Cut a ton of these little beauties and layer them however you please. Complete with the leaf die as well.
This is the Bigz die, and it does have all 4  flowers on this one die....
And who can live without the Rosette die.  Know this is the die with the 2 sizes on it, there is 1 more with just a large rosette. I do not have that one. Why you ask? I don't know, but will soon be fixing that.
OK so we have our dies, so lets get the rest of our supplies together. Know if you dont have the exact product I have it's ok, use what you have, or go shopping like I do. :) Kidding of course you can use what you have on hand that will match the project you are working on. I have become a believer in use your stash as I have a hell of a stash to use. ANyway here we go...

Ink Pads( I use a variety of die based pads,  ( Distress ink pads, Momento, and Stazon and Stampin Up)  what ever your preference is will be just fine.
With that you will also need the finger daubers, or T!M"s ink blenders

These you will need to distress the petal edges. You do not need both of these, just the one you are most comfortable with...Hint hint, a makeup sponge also works, so again if you dont own these 2 products a makeup sponge also works....

Ok so we have the flowers, the inks and the blending tools. Whats left you ask, well, if you are like me and you like to add texture to your pieces, you will again need the Sizzix die cutting machine and some embossing folders....The machine choices are completely up to you, the Big Shot, Big kick and Vegabond(T!M's design) are by sizzix. Can also use the Cuttlebug with appropriate cutting pads.
Big Shot



As for the embossing folders there literally hundreds upon hundreds of designs and manufacturers. All sizes will work for embossing your flowers. 2 of my favorites are the Swiss dots either large or small.

 But you use whatever you have and works for your pieces.
Ok so whats left for supplies you ask.   (((Ht Glue Gun)) Well these are the basics, and you can certinally do more setailed work using, spray inks, markers, stamps spritz's stickles viva paper pens, and Smooch accent inks, Gesso..(LOVE THIS STUFF, that will be another tutorial all on its own)
As you become more adventrous you will tweak techniques and come up with many iodeas of your own using products blaxing your path to creativity. After all that is what this all about. Creativity...

Ok, here we go
1. cut out the desired flowers and amount of flowers needed to complete your project in whatever paper you like. Plain white or beige paper will allow you a lot more inking and stamping options. Pattern paper will allow lots of distressing options

2. If using white paper, this is when you can run them through with an embossing folder, once embossed you can leave it plain or lightly swipe your ink pad over the flower strip inking the embossed print, also inking the edges.
If you choose you may skip the embossing and stamp the rosette with your favorite image, and then coloring it if you choose to, and then ink edges.   once you get to this page it is the video marked Paper Rosette Die, T!M will take you through a video on this die that will be much better than my writing on how to do it... He is amazing!

Just remember that there are thousands of ways to embellish this die, and the video shows you a few of them. Once you have watched the video, come on back and see the other ways to embellish your rosettes... You may even find a technique on T!M's blog.

SO I sometimes like to stamp, or emboss my rosettes, or just use patterned paper to match my project. One thing I always do take all 3/4 of the dies and cut all my flowers at the same time with the papers to match my projects, the all look amazing by mixing and matching the different styles on the same project. I have some samples of finished flowers I have made for an assortment of different projects, I always bag and label the pieces so If I need more I know exactly what paper stack or company the paper is from. Sometimes I have left overs and I use them on other projects, your flowers will never ever go to waste so do not be afraid to make extra.

These are all from the T!m Holtz dies.

 As you can see I used the Rosette die, as well as the Tattered florals die, and I mixed and matched and layered them all over.
 The tattered floral die has 4 flowers on the die and they are beautiful each by themselves, and layered to match or layer a mix of styles. there are no rules, only creativity

I love doing the monochromatic tattered florals, and using white or black to distress the petals, or white gel pens, stickles or even smooch accents to give a bit of sparkle to any flower.

When making the flowers dont forget, the greens, or butterflies, flourishes, embellish away...

This is a cute little mini album, and yet I found plenty of room for flowers....

These flowers are not from the dies, I just wanted to show you an embossed (emboss powder) and a stamped flower.
These are flower kits I am making to embellish onn the coordinating project... The first 1 is a combo of all the different cuts
 This kits here is going on a wesyern project, as you can see I do not have them all made yet
 These are some of my favorite colors, they are going on a wooden purse?box that I am altering for a gal
 These are dog themed and going onto my books.
These are just plain white, with embossing, or inked edges, or even punching holes in the tips. Possibilities are endless

This is a picture frame done with the T!M flower files.....SO I hope you have enjoyed and perhaps picked up a tip or two. Look for PART 2 on the flower Tutorial on Tuesday. Questions please just leave a comment or email me. If you need the flowers already precut, again just email me and I will happy to help out, have a craft happy day

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