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Thursday, October 15, 2009

There here

Hello ladies, I was so excited to get my new machines. I know most of you have asked me why so many machines?? Well let me tell you, First of All I love my SIlhouette desk top cutter, and although it is a dirty word on a favorite board of mine, I would have been lost without of the help and wonderful gals over there. You can check out some of their blogs located in my side bar, as you are all familiar with the UKScrappers artists. SO I could never ever give up that machine. It's awesome. The cricut also has it's place in mylife, and the Sizzix well, i could never ever let that go. Each system has it's pro's and con's and each sytem has a job in my life. SO I will never give any of them up. I hope to some day add to the collection and get a Craft Robo, just like my icons over at UKScrappers. SO ladies, I do not recommend buying them all, start with something that matches your needs and abilities. Not like I did. Lots of hair loss, lots of sleepless nights. STart in your comfort zone and move up from there. Hopfully all of you do have the addictive behavior I seem to have. Dear Santa, I want it all! LOL have a great day crafty ones

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