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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Festival, Mishicot

Wow, what van I say about the Mishicot Pumpkin Festival, although there was plenty to do for all age groups,and  a great turnout, great food, pumpkin baked, cooked, and made up in any way possible, and it was all great. The parade was awesome. a vendor, and this is purely, what I seen and was told to me  by other vendors, it was not good at all..Met some very nive people, and have few more gals to add to the list. But all in all, the people were not very friendly, some were down right rude, and 1 lady even picked a piece of my work and, literally, picked everything off the cover, and then said it was junk. I could not believe my eyes or ears, I would never ever do that to someone, ever!! It was to say the least a very interesting day. I will not go back there. I missed Two Rivers people, and the friendly ways of doing things we seem to have.. I was very disappointed in some of the people, we all have bad days and do not feel like being chipper everyday, but that was just ridiculous. I am sad that the market in TR is done, but on the bright side, the market at the expo starts on Nov 14, and I will be there, as well as Ms Shelly. And we have  A LOT of surprises in stoore for you gals....SO stay tuned....
Hugs, and happy crafting,

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