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Monday, December 14, 2009

As most of you know already, I am in the process of trying to get a place opened up where we can all get together and do what we love. We are having problems. As you know the building was given to me, and because I have a small place I can not do the crops or get together's and always have to rent a place which I do not mind, but to haul my things for everyone takes me a whole day, this is why the building would be perfect. Everything could be there and the doors would be open to anyone at any time. As you all know theres no fees for anything I do. And I really want to keep it that way. Whats the sense in having a place to share all of our passions if we go broke doing it. This is not how it is suppose to be. Because the building is older and use to be a car dealer ship we not only have to get the main floor up to code but the basement where they stored cars beore there release dates and the upstairs all has to be done to code. It is such a huge building it is proving to be a larger job than originally anticipated Because it's not a true retail  but rather a place of gathering, friendship, and craft activities the city planner has set forth a new set of rules. So even though the plans are moving forward, they are moving slow. SO ladies by spring, I am hoping to be open for fun..
Also I am going to need an updated profile on everyone, with snail mail addies, and changes in email addies.
The Market went well and I was pleased to see so many of you with your handmade items. And I did enjoy helping those of you who asked. You are quite the group of talented ladies. You all don't need me, but am always very happy and honored to be asked. The demonstrations went well and I do believe we have acquired a few new crafter's  to join in on the fun.. I was also asked if we would take things on consignment for others, but once we start with that then we truly do become a retail for profit so at this time I am going to have to say no to those who have asked, but will extend an invitation for them to join us and possibly we could learn a new craft from them.
As you know I have dedicated myself to making this work so we can finally have a place. And I will not quite untill I have accomplished this. I for one would love to have all my crafting in 1 location, some of you do not know this but I actually have a spare room at home where I work as well as 2 spare bedrooms in my neighbors home which she so graciously has given me to use, and it does get to be a bit of a pain when I am running back and forth. But we do what we have to. So I for one can't wait...
To those of you who have dies of mine please remember that saturday dec 19, is the die exchange, so bring the ones have back and get some different ones. This has been working out great, but please remember you get them for 2 weeks then when those come back you get to choose new to take home. For those of you who are new to this, you can borrow my dies for a 2 week time frame cut any and everything you would to, in 2 weeks bring them back and swap them out for new ones to use. No one is spending a ton of money and we all get what we want, if anyone would like to participate and has dies or stamps they would not mind sharing let me know and I will add them to the ever growing list. Also if you do not have a die cut machine let me know and either myself or one of other gals would be happy to cut items for you. I do not mind and all requests welcome. Just supply the paper and the items listed and poof, just like that they are cut and waiting for you. And as always no charge.
I really am trying hard to have thing available when and if someone needs it. But remember that the best place to find out info, or new products and projects is the internet. I am a member of a few boards and untill recently have been very happy at those places. And in my side bar are lnks to some amazingly talented people where you will find templates  to print out, great ideas, and lots of tips and tricks. I know none of you have a desk top cutter, but do not for get to check those links, if these ladies and their designs don't impress you, well then I don't know what will. Some of my favorite place to go is of course by TINA, her designs are WOW, and SYLVIA is so amazing I am always in awe of their work. I have also told you about UKSCRAPPERS, more amazing people make their home there. My other fav's are splitcoast stampers, and do not have to be a member to see the amazing work, you can look through the galleries, and tutorial sections without signing up. So don't forget to check them out. I will get you all updated on the happenings at the building we are hoping to have open soon. So with that all being said, I wish you all a very happy holiday season. Talk to ya soon,
Hugs to all

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Linda said...

Thanks so much for keeping us posted on what is going on. Good Luck!