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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday sales??

 Hello crafty ones, hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving......I did not go any place, just made the basics here for my youngest Son and myself, just to blasted cold to go out, but yet I felt compelled for the first time ever to go to Wal-mart for there black friday Cricut sale, what was I thinking, got there about 11pm and there were just finishing getting all the stuff out, so I took my cartridges I wanted, and was working my way back to the front of the store thinking I had time to browse around, after all you can not check out till midnight. So I went browsing and at one point I looked down the aisles and literally seen hundreds and hundreds of people. They were not all there 20 minutes ago. WOW.... Where the heck did they all come from in such a short time. So anyway I figured I still had about 10 minuted
s to check out so I walked to the front to wait for the lanes to open and when I came around the corner holy hannah, hundreds more people!!! The line to check out went all the way back to the back of the store/ It's like they came out of the wood work, and every crack known to man. Well needless to say 1 hour and 7 minutes later i finally reached the front of the check out line.  I can honestly say I will NOT be doing that again. Ever!! So I ended up buying 6 new cartridges, they even let me have the older cricut lites for 20.00 which was quite nice, there were so many people I think the lady just did not want to take time to check if they were on sale, or she was not a crafter like us. Cause other wise they should have known what was on sale and what was not. So I get to play with 6 new cartridges. The Inspired Hearts is beautiful and would be perfect for using to make card fronts and beautiful tags. So anyway, that was my black friday adventure. Gotta have it once I did, and all's good. Don't plan on doing it ever again, but at least I can say I braved the elements. And what some RUDE people. Holy man. I mean really, is it acceptable to be mannerless on that day or what?? Sure does bring out the evil in people.So anyway I listed my cartridges on the side bar of the blog and if any of my blogging sisters don't have certain cartridges and would like something cut I would be happy to cut any and everything you would like... Have a great rest of the week...
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Priscilla said...

I can't seem to find your project :( I just removed your link from the Midnight Madness blog...if you are joining in the fun of our challenge..please re-enter your project with a DIRECT link to your creation. Thank you.

Anne said...

Oh my word! Glad you got your cartridges but not a fun way to get them:(