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Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturdays market

Hello crafty ones......I hope you have had a great week. I have been so very busy preparing for the other craft fairs, and filling orders I feel like I have neglecting all of you. SO I apologize for that. AO many things, so little time...But hey we all have this same problem. As far as Saturday's market goes, unless it is raining sideways, thunder and lightning, and high winds I will be home, if it's just a bit misty out and light rain, I will be there for all of you. I have something special for all of you to came pick up for next weeks challenge, so stop on by and get your freebie. Also I am looking for a place to hold a crop. Just a place for us all to get together and play for the day. So stay tuned for details on that. Am also organizing a craft sale, which all of you are invited to to join in on, and possibly sell some of your unused, un-loved products, so watch for details on that as well. I am off to create something for you all, so check back again, and have a craft happy day..


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