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Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Monday morning

Hello crafty ones...Hope you all have a great week.. I am counting down the days to the big deer hunt.....Friday morning all will be gone and once again I will be doing the HAPPY dance. All alone for 10 days to do as I  please, no cooking, no extra laundry, no listening to a man who does nothing but complain about every and anything. I can craft all day and not to stop to make supper or clean up after a man. I can stay in my Pj's and sip my coffee, and flirt with my M&M's...Have the bed to myself, and I think you all get the picture. It's a whole new way to get creative.I am pumped, for 10 days I do what I want....yippeee.. SO I have lots in store for you all and new ideas and surprises...More later

1 comment:

Linda said...

Too bad you can't show a little excitement for the deer hunting season when you will be home alone. I hope you can find something to do. (she says with a smile and little laugh). Have fun! I enjoy my time at home alone.