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Monday, January 11, 2010

The surprise is finally here

Good morning crafty ones.....As you have all been asking for a place to chat, share, learn, and explore the paper crafting world. It is finally here. Remember I have work to do on it yet, and there is always a starting point to everything. But none the less the forum is up and operational. At this time there are not many rules, and not much info, but with the help of everyone and each of your vast pools of knowledge this should be great in no time. This started out as a place for us local paper crafters to hook up, but I decided to keep it open to anyone who wants to be a part of it. Like always common sense and good judgement should always be in place when posting to the forum. So check it out, add your own personal touches and comments, and make this a great place to share, learn and meet others with our passions. SO here is the addie to the new home you all had asked for.
It is a bit bare at the moment, and I am busy trying to get it somewhat appealing... I am also going to need moderators, and in the near future swap people and gals to lead groups. SO for now, NO Profanity and no infringing on copyright laws of any kind. Share your knowledge with others and be a part of  a new group. And the best part is, advertising and promoting you and your business is welcome. As well as items for sale. SO take a peek and help make this forum a great place to be... And remember this is a brand new forum, and will only get better with the more that's put into it.
hugs, Ronnie

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