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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday, Maxwell Street Day

Hello ladies, The summer event for kids every where is on Friday Aug 6th. That's tomorrow. I never remember it raining on a Maxwell street day, but they are forecasting it for us. If it does not rain, ( pouring down) I will be there set up, just waiting for everyone to come collect their prizes, that was due them last week. This time I am not relying on my friend, this way she can not blow me off. I am still so very upset about that. I could not believe she did that to me, and on purpose yet.
SO anywho, if its not pouring rain I plan on being there. The entire main street market is scheduled to be there setup. Starts at 8am, with the ball drop at 2/3 pm, so I am told.
Come He** or high water I will also be there on Saturday, in my scheduled spot and my normal time 8am-1pm. SO grab your code words and any challenges you have done to redeem your prizes.
See you all soon. Have a great day

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Linda said...

It was good to talk to you on friday. Thanks so much for the 'goodies'.