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Saturday, August 15, 2009


hELLO Crafty ones...It was awesome to see so many of you come to the market, and collect your freebies! And happy to say there are 4 more ladies to add to the craft madness, and they will fit in perfectly with out little group!!!SO I been thinking....which is dangerous all in itself,lol but none the less I was doing it...SO how about a challenge for saturdays???? I will post a challenge on Monday, you complete the challenge bring it to the market, I take a photo of it, you collect your freebie, and I post all your creations to the blog here for all to see...SO lets try something easy to start with....This is actually an idea from Judy and Jean who stopped at the market....


Make a card using the colors orange, blue, green(any shades of those colors)and some ribbon and it must be embellished at least 3 times...SO lets see your works of art....And I too will play along and make one...Will post it on the blog, and the winner gets a extra special surprise...So put your thinking caps on, break out the colors listed above and create a work of art...

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