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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cricut Made hall of shame for copyright and trademark abusers

To see the actual page, email me for link...or do a search on it

 It really is a sad sad thing, that this is happening, to those of you who have emailed me, I have answered each to the best of my ability, I do love my machine, and it is not the machine's fault, I am just choosing to go with a machine and a company who support the fact I may have my oen creative process and want to explore that outside of the PC family. Makers of other machines embrace these 3rd party softwares and it makes good business to all involved. I will continur to use my machine untill I am able to purchase a new machine.... If you still would like my files I will gladly pass them on, just be aware there are not going to be new ones. Still there are over 300 so plenty of them to go around. I just want the ability to make my own decisions as to what I can and can not do with the products I have purchased.
MTC or SCAL users do not have the ability to cut cartridge based images, there are no steeling of any images, and as the rest of you we do not have the ability to cut from a cartridge that we do not own even with 1 of these programs, so whoever is telling you this is in fact a liar. The link I have included is pretty interesting reading regarding Trademark and Copyright abusers and whats allowed and not allowed. And just how PC themselves are breaking the rules to benefit them. So I understand your concern and sympathize with you, I just choose to use a machine I purchase the way I want to...I really am sorry for those PC users that are not taking the time to really find out what these 3rd party software makers have given us the ability to do. And as I stated before, my purchases have not stopped with PC I have still continued to buy cartridges, mats, blades and was going to buy the E2. But thats has changed, it is still my right to what I please and spend my money how I want to. I am in fact very sad that PC has not embraced these companies like every other maker of desk top cutters have done. Since this has happened they can't keep machines in stock.  Sad really PC will not take the time to listen to their customers and what they want. So if you are again coming here to bash me, go ahead, I can take it, I am just really sad that no ones really bothered to ask before the beat down...This is hopfully my last post on this...It is time to move on in whatever direction each of has chosen. If you want to stay loyal, that is your choice, I hold it against no one. We all have to decide for ourselves. With that said I hope everyone has a great weekend and goes back to creating....
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