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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cricut VS. Crafters

Wow, I am sure like myself many of you have been following this law suit with Cricut and SCAL and MTC. Or perhaps you have heard about it on another board or blog. Cricut and MTC have settled and effective immediately, Cricut has again taken away options from the consumer.
I personally have enjoyed my C***** products, but I have to say PC has put myself and alot of others in a bind, taking away my rights as a consumer. Since my purchase of MTC I have personally not stopped my cartridge purchases, and have even increased my mat and blade purchases, and since I loved and used my DS all the time I was able to increase what I can achieve as a crafter. but PC does not want that. They want us all to stay with them exclusive, threaten voided warranties, and such, I wonder if the cuttlebug warranty voids if we use sizzix, or spellbinders? or the new Darice emboss folders they are promoting on the C message boards...You can't have your cake and eat it to. I will be using my PC product untill my new machine arrives. I have so many mixed feelings about this, like so many of us do. I am including some links for you all and one of them is pretty interesting reading regarding copyrights and trademarks, and it seems a lot of big companies use that to scare us little crafters, I am sure you all will love this article.
For those of you with the CriCrap machine, if you do not update your firmware, or MTC program everything will remain the same for you at this time anyway, the new MTC is not going to support the cricrap, butif you check the MTC message board there is a list of machines there.
There are a select few over on that message board that are the choosen, they are the ones being lavished with the products, and you can bet as long as the payout holds out so will their loyality.
I am choosing to not give them anymore of my hard earned money, and you all have to make your decisions. I am not saying dump everything at a loss, it is not the machines fault, but I wont purchase anything else with their name, cartridges, nothing...And when my machine dies a new cougar will gladly take its place. You may vice your opinions concerns, or comments, but if you are in support of cricrap do not come here..This is my opinion, and my right. I will also continue to give help and support where needed. SO untill my machine takes a dive I will love the machine but hate the company and what it stands for.
here are the links you all as crafters should read
and if you want to join us HERE
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Bee's hive said...

I'm in full agreement with you, I just bought my roland blades, and won't purchase another thing from provocraft. I really hope SCAL doesn't cave in and allow this to happen.