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Monday, December 13, 2010

29 hours, no power, no heat, no water

Oh it is sooo good to be back among the rest of the world. I woke up saturday morning to house that was freezing and with no power, no heat and frozen water pipes.  Sometime during that evenings first snow storm/blizzard several trees came down and took out all the power lines for about 6000 people, being out of city limits and on the tail end of the problem we were last on the chain of wires and power outages. Had to burn candles to stay warm, we were pretty much helpless without power and were praying the pipes did not burst, as without power the electrical tape can nor do its job, and with it being about 20 below zero and no way to heat them. It was nerve wracking, I have a totally new respect and compassion for people who go weeks after storms, tornadoes, and hurricaines. I realize that being in sub-zero and roads that are not passable are a bit different, but lets face it we can all make anything work for a day or two. But people that go weeks and have no water supply, or sewer, or fresh foods available, I guess the moral of the story is I will not be so fast to turn the channel, and hopfully a bit quicker when the states ask for assistance. It was a real opener for me. At first I was just worried about me and getting back online and just petty stuff but as the hours stretched out and on my mind started thinking the way it should have been from the start. And no longer was it poor me, so I started tracking down some of my neighbors to make sure they were ok, or if they needed water or extra blankets. Then at 4:02 am today the power was returned. No pipes busted, the hot water did not burn out, and actually I was ale to bring back some camping skills from years ago, and we actually had fun for a bit and to take our minds off things. Apart from being stuck in snow drifts while taking the dogs out all survived with a bit more compassion. SO I did not get a project done yesterday, and am hoping to get 2 posted some time today. I actually reverted back to scrapbooking before all the gadgets, founf it fun and challenging, but to tell the truth am oh so happy to have power and all my toys operational again. Have a great day my friends
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Joanne Gilch said...

O, yes when ever I think I would like to live in snow country, I change my mind when I hear of stories like yours. Born and raised in Florida, our hurricanes, can't hold a candle to your snow storms!!!